"What is supposed to happen in a democracy is that each sovereign citizen will always vote
in the public interest for the safety and welfare of all. But what does happen is that he votes
his own self-interest as he sees it... which for the majority translates as 'Bread and Circuses'."
- Robert A. Heinlein

In Roman times, free Bread and Circuses entertained the masses. I hope you find your time
here both entertaining and informative.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Dear Friends,
I'm actually going to be maintaining this blog with a bit more regularity.
Accordingly, I wanted to get a better idea of my audience.

If you don't mind, please answer the following questions either by:
Email to me
Comment to this post

1. How often do you visit?
2. Would you visit more often if there was more new content regularly?
3. Would you like to be notified when I have a new post?
4. Do you know me personally?

Thanks. Look for the first in a new series of posts in a couple of days.